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Coaching Plans for Teens

This plan is for Teens ages 12-17. It can be either in an individual or group setting. The goal and focus of this plan is to cultivate the entrepreneur within each teen by identifying their culture, history, goals, and dreams. MY4TG uses concepts of history to show teens how to move from their past and focus on their future. Your Teen will learn how to dress, speak, write, and execute projects and plans to gain the success they desire at their current age. 6-week plan $475 (payment plans available)


Teens have a bad wrap for how they communicate. Well,not after this. This plan digs deep into the art of communication and how to identify the goal of communicating and ways to get the results you truly desire through transparent communication.  4-week plan $395, Book & workbook purchased separately $50. Taught with Tia Ramey, Crisis Communications Expert.

Image by Anna Vander Stel

This plan is for teens ages 15-17. It can be either in an individual or group setting. Every Teen wants to be independent and know how to operate properly in their self-reliant mindset without self-destructing. This plan shows Teens how to see where they are and how to make minor adjustments that will place them in a position of power and confidence to fulfill their purpose in their teen years. Your Teen will discover love, respect, worth, passion for their purpose, and how to thrive in the skin they’re in. 8-week plan $625, workbook included.

How To Do Me - The Teen Discovery Course

This plan is for teens ages 12-17. It can be either in an individual or group setting. Teens experience a world of many cultures and much diversity. Knowing how to address people in a way that shows respect for both them and their culture is important. This plan will teach your teen about cultures within our borders, how to view all people equally and why that’s important, and knowing how to speak up when something is wrong. Topics of discussion include but are not limited to: race, religion, disability, and sexual orientation. 2-week plan $175,workbook included.

Image by Markus Winkler
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