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Coaching Plans for the Family
  • Assesses the foundation of the home 

  • Set goals that compliment the home 

  • Goal of this plan is to bring biblical principles back into the home/keep God at the front of the mind heart, and home in a realistic and non-overbearing way

Image by National Cancer Institute
  • This plan is for families that have not had a vacation in a while due to a heavy workload or many activities with children

  • Discuss Family activities and what can be done to relieve the workload

  • Help the family understand what is important and how to prioritize

  • Build an understanding of time management

  • Develop a financial plan and timeline for vacations

  • 4-week plan (additional sessions as needed)

Image by Derek Owens
  • This plan is great for families that have a lot of activities and work

  • Identify the workload and how it affects the family dynamic

  • Discuss what the family needs to be successful

  • Locate the areas of compromise

  • Establish a daily, weekly, monthly goal

  • 4-week plan

Family Going Fishing
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