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Group Coaching Plans
(minimum of 5 participants)
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For Women, Wives, and Mothers

The Boss Mom

  • Identify the work load and how it affects the family dynamic

  • Discuss what Mom needs from the family to be successful

  • Discuss what the family needs from Mom to be successful

  • Locate the areas of compromise

  •      -     Establish a daily, weekly, monthly goal

  •      -     4-week plan (additional sessions as needed)

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The Diamonds & Pearls Plan

  • Helps Moms to release “Mom Guilt” by focusing on their self-worth

  • Shines the light on all the good Mom does on a daily basis

  • Activate healthy mechanisms that promote positive focus

Blinding Diamonds

The Emotion-Manager Plan

  • Great for Re-Entry, Mother’s facing losing children/trying to regain custody

  • If you have been in a place of obscurity, frustration, or all of the above, this plan is great for you, Mom

  • The EMP helps Moms identify their purpose and self-worth, manage self-control and time while handling everyday child rearing and finances.

  • This plan helps Moms see that they can live a life filled with joy

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The Management Plan

  • Good for Moms who have little to no assistance throughout the day

  • Helps Mom see how to effectively manage the entire home

  • Identify the daily activities of members of the home & which months/seasons

  • are the busiest in the home.

  • Develop a plan that shows how to make even extremely high traffic homes manageable

Confident Woman

The Rookie Plan

  • Welcome to Motherhood, Moms!

  • This plan is for new mothers who are looking for guidance and an introspective look into their upcoming new life and trying to avoid abortion/adoption

  • Take a look at all the thoughts attached to being a new mother

  • Break down the stressors and points of tension associated with it

  • Help Mom see different ways to manage the home including, caring for the baby, maintaining the home, and managing the a realistic budget

  • Discuss ways to release stress when it seems impossible

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For Teens

MY4TG - Mentoring Youth for This Generation

This plan is for teens ages 12-17. It can be either in an individual or group setting. The goal and focus of this plan is to cultivate the entrepreneur within each teen by identifying their culture, history, goals, and dreams. MY4TG uses concepts of history to show teens how to move from their past and focus on their future. Your teen will learn how to dress, speak, write, and execute projects and plans to gain the success they desire at their current age.

Group Students Smilling

Diversity Works Plan

This plan is for teens ages 12-17. It can be either in an individual or group setting. Teens experience a world of many cultures and much diversity. Knowing how to address people in a way that shows respect for both them and their culture is important. This plan will teach your teen about cultures within our borders, how to view all people equally and why that’s important, and knowing how to speak up when something is wrong. Topics of discussion include but are not limited to: race, religion, disability, and sexual orientation.

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