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Coaching Plans for Mom
  • Plan based on Christian principles

  • Assesses the foundation of the home 

  • Set goals that compliment the home 

  • Goal of this plan is to bring biblical principles back into the home/keep God at the front of the mind heart, and home in a realistic and non-overbearing way

Bible Text
  • Establish a time for Mom to rest

  • Discuss Moms daily activities

  • Build an understanding of time management

  • Help Mom discover what works best for her home

  • 4-week plan (additional sessions as needed)

Image by Amanda Vick
  • Helps Moms to release “Mom Guilt” by focusing on their self-worth

  • Shines the light on all the good Mom does on a daily basis

  • Activate healthy mechanisms that promote positive focus

Blinding Diamonds
  • This plan caters to Moms who have a shopping/clutter dilemma 

  • Discuss the state of the home

  • Create a layout that will work for everyone with room left 

Scattered Makeup
  • Great for Re-Entry, Mother’s facing losing children/trying to regain custody

  • If you have been in a place of obscurity, frustration, or all of the above, this plan is great for you, Mom

  • This plan helps Moms identify their purpose and self-worth, manage self-control and time while handling everyday child rearing and finances.

  • This plan helps Moms see that they can live a life filled with joy

Girl Scream
  • Identify the work load and how it affects the family dynamic

  • Discuss what Mom needs from the family to be successful

  • Discuss what the family needs from Mom to be successful

  • Locate the areas of compromise

  • Establish a daily, weekly, monthly goal

  • 4-week plan (additional sessions as needed)

Image by Vana Ash
  • Good for Moms who have little to no assistance throughout the day

  • Helps Mom see how to effectively manage the entire home

  • Identify the daily activities of members of the home & which months/seasons are the busiest in the home.

  • Develop a plan that shows how to make even extremely high traffic homes manageable

Confident Woman
  • Great plan for Moms who are pursuing their personal goals while maintaining the home

  • Assess Mom’s goals and how long it will take to achieve her goals

  • Assess the needs of the home

  • Construct a plan that meets in the middle and still leaves time for Mom to rest

Image by Jeffrey F Lin
  • Welcome to Motherhood, Moms!

  • This plan is for new Mothers who are looking for guidance and an introspective look into their upcoming new life and trying to avoid abortion/adoption

  • Take a look at all the thoughts attached to being a new Mother

  • Break down the stressors and points of tension associated with it

  • Help Mom see different ways to manage the home including, caring for the baby, maintaining the home, and managing the a realistic budget

  • Discuss ways to release stress when it seems impossible

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink
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