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Natiya McFadden, Co-Founder

For over a decade, I have been working as a mentor to youth, parents, and families. I specialize in helping families operate in a holistically healthy environment. As a parent and family coach I show my clients  how to utilize both their heads and their hearts to relate to their children and parents. Consulting with women and teens who are starting to or ready to take their businesses to the level of their dreams is a fruitful passion of mine as well.


Coaching parents and family came from being a wife and mother of five children while starting and running multiple businesses and homeschooling my chidlren. It was so much that I had to learn different ways to cope, plan, live, and enjoy life even when there was immeasurable pressure. This motivated me to use my life lessons as a teaching and guiding tool for others. God truly helped me turn my mess into a message that has helped many mothers and teens turn their lives around for good.


Schedule today to learn how you can turn your life and home into the life of your dreams. 

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